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Exchange regulations and AML & KYC policy

1. The parties to the contract

The parties to this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) are: resource, hereinafter referred to as Service, on the one part, and the person cooperating with the Service, hereinafter referred to as User, on the other part.


2. Terms and definitions

The service is an automated web-product located on the Internet at, which is available to the User on the basis of the Agreement. 

The User is a party to the contract that has accepted the terms of the Service. 

Electronic units - the designation of accounting units in the contract of the electronic settlement system with the User.

Application - information sent by User in electronic format on resource with the intention to use services of Service. The application reflects the conditions of the resource that the User accepts.

Bitstamp web-service located on the Internet at

Perfect Money - web-service located on the Internet at


3. Subject of the contract

The User, using the functionality of the Service, submits an application in which the Service is entrusted with the execution of transactions with a certain amount of electronic units. The Service accepts electronic units, sells them on its behalf to persons who intend to make a purchase, for appropriate remuneration. The monetary value that the User intends to receive for the product is reflected in the application. Funds received for the transfer of electronic units are transferred to the details specified by the User in the application.


4. Procedure of the contract and transactions

4.1 The Agreement is in the form of a public offer. The basis for acceptance of the offer is the application in which the User agrees to the proposed terms.

4.2 Registration of the application confirms the User’s intention to use the services of the Service, as well as preliminary familiarization and consent of the User with the terms of cooperation. 

4.3 The User specifies the following data for the correct application:

- required electronic units (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash)

- amount of assets sent or received (the total value is automatically calculated by the virtual calculator)

- e-mail address (in order to communicate with the User if necessary, to notify about the Service’s profitable offers)

- promotional code field is optional 

4.4 After entering the information about the application, the User needs to confirm the application by clicking «Make exchange». The system then automatically redirects to the User’s Perfect Money account to complete the exchange.

4.5 Returning to the page of the Service, the User should save the link “Success page” with the payment status. The link is unique and generated by the Service automatically. This link allows to track the payment status and all necessary data.

4.6 Upon completion of the registration and sending of the application, the User’s actions are deemed to have been performed and the consent to payment for the service is fixed. The service automatically logs the time, date of acceptance and other provisions of the application. 

4.7 The moment of entry into force of the Agreement is a receipt of electronic units from the User on the details of the Service. The amount is reflected in the User’s application. 

4.8 The Agreement terminates with the fulfillment of the subject of the contract.

4.9 The User's completed application remains valid until the moment of payment during the entire period of operation of the Service or until the User requests the cancellation of the application.

4.10 Channels for communication with the Service for all questions that arise: e-mail and telegram @pm2btc


5. Additional conditions

5.1 The rate in the application is fixed at the time of receipt of the payment. The application indicates a preliminary rate, it can be recalculated in case of growth of the rate on the Bitstamp exchange since the creation of the order. Fixation is made depending on the deviation of the rate in the application to the Bitstamp exchange in percentage terms. There may be deviations from the course of the Bitstamp exchange within the lag of the parser of the rates of 1-2 minutes.

5.2 Payment on applications is made automatically within 5-15 minutes. In some cases, the transaction time can be increased (from 5 minutes to 12 hours) due to the security check (moderation) of the transaction by Perfect Money. In such cases, the User’s funds are debited from the Perfect Money account and issued with a BATCH code. The transaction is completed after the successful completion of the transaction moderation and receipt of funds by the Service. 

5.3 The receipt of electronic units for the details of the Service should be made in the amount specified in the application. If the volume of electronic units actually sent differs from the declared amount, the Service considers this to be the User’s order to perform recalculation. The accounting will be maintained at the actual amount. 

5.4 The Service is not responsible for the transfer of funds to non-User details if this happens due to an error in the application. In case of damage, adverse consequences arising from incorrect information specified in the application, the User who made an error is liable.

5.5 When concluding an agreement with the Service, the User undertakes to comply with the rules and norms established by international legislation. The User undertakes not to interfere with the hardware, software part of the Service, not to distort the parameters, which are transmitted to the Service.

5.6 The Service complies with the necessary international requirements for the terms of processing and storage of personal data of users, the volume of data collection is strictly defined and limited in accordance with the purposes of the provision of services by the Service.


6. KYC & AML – «Know Your Customer» and «Anti-Money Laundering» 

6.1 In accordance with the international legislation, the Service adheres to a number of rules and implements a number of procedures aimed at preventing the use of the Service for the purpose of money laundering operations, that is, actions aimed at returning to the financial market for money or other securities of illicit origin, providing that their acquisition and possession are perfectly legal and normal, as well as other transactions of an illegal nature.

6.2 The Service administration conducts AML checks of all the transactions in order to counteract the legalization (laundering) of criminally obtained incomes and the financing of terrorism.

6.3 In case of detection the suspicious transaction during AML-check according to the current threshold values of the risk level of regulators at the time of the audit (the transaction will be identified as high-risk), the Service administration has the right to suspend the execution of the application until the verification is carried out in accordance with the FATF recommendations ( and request from the User identification data and data confirming the source of funds. After successful confirmation of the Account data, the Service confirms the transaction and sends funds to the Account.
6.4 The User undertakes to provide the requested documents within 2 calendar days from receiving the request for its provision for the execution of the application. Otherwise, the application will be cancelled and the funds will be returned to the User’s account (if the exchange office has not received a notification from law enforcement or regulatory authorities containing instructions regarding the funds held). When returning, a commission is allowed in an amount not exceeding the total cost of labor for processing the application and organizing a refund.


7. Force majeure situations

7.1 In case of force majeure circumstances preventing the Service from fulfilling the obligations reflected in the contract, the term of their performance is changed for the period of elimination of objective interference. These include unscheduled technical work of third-party payment services. In case of a sharp change of rates on trading platforms, which may cause disruptions in the stable operation of the parser - Service has the right to refuse to provide services and return funds to customers or to postpone processing until the correct work of the Service is restored.

7.2 In the event of a force majeure situation, the User informs the Service about this through the communication channels specified in clause 4.10


8. Legal status of the Agreement

The parties shall recognize the validity of an electronic offer contract as an equivalent to written contracts.

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